Unforgettable Cake Decorating Ideas for Golden Wedding Anniversary


Traditionally when marriage hits its 50th year, people celebrate it with party. It is one of the milestones in our life that deserves a special celebration and what a celebration without cakes? Here are some cake decorating ideas for golden wedding anniversary.

Relive the Past

Do you think nothing can replace your original wedding cake? If you do, why don’t we recreate the cake? Let your guests feel the nostalgic atmosphere as you bring back the memory from the past to life. To bring out the feeling of the past, decorate everything in the house with the same nuance you did in the past. Don’t forget to place your old wedding photo that features the cake next to the golden wedding anniversary cake. If your still have the wedding topper you used on the original cake, place it again on the recreated one.

Golden Time

Another cake decorating idea for golden wedding anniversary is to embrace the golden-colored theme, and create a literally golden wedding cake.  It is a bit difficult to create a pure golden cake. You need to use airbrush to paint your cake metallic. If you don’t have airbrush, you can use standard paint brush instead, but be careful because it tends to leave streaks. Another way to paint the cake gold is to use luster dust. Mix the dust with vodka and paint the exterior of the cake. The alcohol from the vodka will eventually evaporated so no worries. Add golden colored decoration such us golden chocolate balls and golden flowers made of fondant to make the cake even more lustrous.

Favorite Flowers

Flowers have been a classic symbol of romance, and anniversary cake is about romance. Your favorite flower can be a cake decorating ideas for golden anniversary. You can either decorate  a standard round cake with frosting that cut into your favorite flower or create the flower bouquet instead. To create a bouquet you can start by preparing a square cake. Layer the cake to get a pretty steady base. Cover the cake with white fondant or any color you prefer. After that cut out some fondant and start to work for your flowers. Cut out some green fondant to create the leaves. Put the flower fondant on the top of your cake and place the leaves around the flowers.

Second Honeymoon

Do you still remember where you spent your honeymoon? Do you want to revisit it again? This can be another cake decorating ideas for golden wedding anniversary. You can use the landmarks of the place you’ve been as a decoration or theme of the cake. A square cake will do best to recreate a certain place. Use a non edible statue of famous landmarks and place it on the top of the cake. Arrange the decoration to make it look exactly like the place you spent your holiday in. Add some trees or birds if needed.





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