Top 11 Summer Wedding Cakes Trends

People said, summer (and after do some research, spring too!) is the season for wedding. When it comes to choosing a wedding cake, it can be overwhelming. For me, the cake will be the theme for the entire wedding. As far as I know, over the past few years there were so many new wedding cakes trends, those I remembered were tropical-flavored wedding cake and citrus-flavored wedding cake. Also don’t forget unusual flavors like matcha (my favorite tho!), lavender, honey, earl grey, white chocolate, or even worse: wasabi! Some couples also switched the traditional wedding cakes into simpler forms like macaroons or doughnuts. But again, for me wedding cake still wins the firm.

“Fun fact: Often, couples spend a lot of their budget on the cake because it’s indeed very important.”

-Elizabeth Solaru, award winning cake designer.

This is Elizabeth’s top 10 wedding cake trends. With one addition from us, 🙂 enjoy!~

1. Rococo (Baroque) Wedding Cakes

These cakes speak to everything extravagant, rich and nitty gritty. The sumptuous utilization of gold swags, parchments and rich embellishments seen on the catwalk in the accumulations of Alberta Ferretti and Dolce and Gabbana make an interpretation of superbly into wedding cakes that are fit for a present day princess.

2. Tall Wedding Cakes

Tall cakes make such an emotional effect as they apparently go after the skies without toppling over. Perfect for gathering venues with high roofs, they are simply a good fit for ladies who need to leave an enduring impression. Following the time when the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, there has been a developing pattern in the UK for such wedding cakes.

3. Rustic Wedding Cakes

The natural vibe of stripped cakes and cakes finished with simply the merest insight of buttercream are still famous in 2016 and we will see much more innovativeness with flavor blends, filings and adornments.

4. Lace Wedding Cakes

Numerous wedding originators, for example, Jenny Packham, Monique Lhullier and Oscar de la Renta included ribbon decorated bodices and sews on their catwalk shows. Wedding cakes embellished with trim have dependably been a firm most loved with ladies and this pattern is certain to proceed. One of our notorious cakes is the Grace Kelly enlivened cake – a genuine work of adoration to make.

5. Painted Wedding Cakes

Painted cakes have been picking up notoriety as of late and it’s a flawless path for any couple to customize their cake. From florals, love winged creatures or even diversions, exquisite hand-painted cakes are set to be significantly more mainstream as the year goes on.

6. Cultural Wedding Cakes

We are currently experiencing a ascend sought after for cakes, buns and even breads that mirror a couple’s social foundation. Outlines might be propelled by specific conventions, extraordinary wedding outfits, typical blessings or fortunate hues.

7. Sleek, Streamlined Wedding Cakes

A city wedding is the inclination of numerous couples, as it can mean staggering design, notable historic points, beautiful stops and entrancing cityscapes. A trendy and complex cake that showcases the picked city is a champ.

8. Black Wedding Cakes

Strong and striking, a dark, black cake is a sensational contrasting option to the customary white wedding cake. This year more ladies will grasp dull hues and fuse them into their wedding hues. A chic dark wedding cake with gold trim point of interest, huge sugar peonies and gold butterflies and berries is exquisite and striking.

9. Colourful Wedding Cakes

A couple’s decision of wedding hues can be said to an impression of their identities and taste. Individual inclination, social foundation and patterns can likewise impact wedding shading plans. 2016 is seeing more daring shading decisions, with comparable to and complimentary plans ruling. Our Marie Antoinette florid cake in peacefulness and rose quartz is a decent case of this.

10. Textured Wedding Cakes

From beautiful unsettles to exciting ornaments, flower appliques or sequins, compositions have been immense on the 2016 wedding catwalk. These make an interpretation of extremely well into cake outline and numerous ladies will select to match components of their wedding dress to the cake. Our 7-layered pad/pad cake splendidly exhibits the utilization of various surfaces to make a delightful extravagance wedding cake with a distinction.

11. Elegant Wedding Cake Trends for Brides

Single wedding cake levels for weddings. Out are the days that ladies needed immense, customary wedding cakes that were more than 4-6 feet tall. Presently everybody is searching for a straightforward, yet clean outlines with a gigantic proclamation flower piece on it. Notwithstanding including a basic cake topper will give it the completion look that it merits. Therefore, this style gives it a delicate, beautiful moderation look that everybody will basically become hopelessly enamored with. Keep in mind not everybody eats cake any more with the venue furnishing your visitors with pastries as a component of the course, and with the new conventions of sweet or pastry bars at weddings. So keep the genuine wedding cake basic.

What are your thoughts on those look? Anyway, Elizabeth Cake Emporium sure are sick.

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