Mother’s Day Chocolate Cake Ideas

Below is a Chocolate Cake Mother’s Day Chocolate Box filled with Colourful Chocolate Jems idea from my favorite cake Youtuber, Yolanda Gampp.

Moms do deserve a special day. Always give your mom a quality time for herself, that can do. For a mother’s day gift I mean. Yolanda will cake a box of chocolates, so our moms can enjoy her quality time by eating a whole box of chocolates. Literally.

This cake will be chocolate, naturally, filled with rich dark chocolate ganache and soft shades of pink and green buttercream.  The box will be a gorgeous deep purple fondant topped with a pretty gift bow and a tag. The inside will be lined with colourful chocolate jems that each contain a different filling – cake, cookie dough,marshmallows, and Oreos.  This is the mother of all Mother’s Day cakes.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Chocolate Cake Recipe and how to make it.

Full photo:

Mother's Day Chocolate Cake Ideas

(zoom) Surprise chocolate gems inside the mother’s day chocolate gift box:

Surprise Chocolate Gems

(zoom) chocolate box cake ideas:

chocolate box cake for mother's day

(zoom) edible happy mother’s day cake decoration:

happy mother's day cake

Happy mother’s day!

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