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Great Cake Decorating Ideas for Quinceanera



Quinceanera is a tradition for a young Latina girl. It is some kind of coming of age celebration. Quinceanera has been a tradition that handed from one generation to the next. Essentially, quinceanera is a 15th birthday celebration party. But, this is unlike any other birthday party. The main purpose of the quinceanera is to introduce the birthday girl to society that she is now a lady who is ready for the life and responsibilities of a young woman. Therefore, the quinceañera cake will be the the most important part as it reflects the girl herself. It can also imply the wish and the personality of the girl. Here is some cake decorating ideas for quinceañera.

Fairy Tale Princess Cake

What can make a girl feels special on a special day? Becoming a princess of course. This cake decorating ideas for Quinceanera can be applied for those girls who wish to have a fairy tale birthday. This cake serves as a reminder of childhood and at the same time serves as a picture of a growing young woman. Design a pink cake with flower accents around the side of the cake. Since it is Quinceanera, you can go extravagant by making three or more tier cakes. Round cakes can be really sweet and matches the theme. Take it to Cinderella themed cake by adorning the top tier with a glass slipper or tiara if you want to be a bit general.

Heavenly Cake

As the name suggests, this cake decorating ideas for Quinceanera is looked and tasted like heaven. Make a set of mud cake in dark brown color. For those girls who prefers something elegant and posh, this dark themed cake can fit the party. Layer the exterior of the mud cake with shiny chocolate frosting. Decorate the body with golden and silver stars. One way to make the birthday girl feels like she’s a high class celebrity with such a luxurious cake.

Fashionista Cake

For a stylish and trendy girl who always up to date with latest fashion, a fashionable cake decorating ideas for Quinceanera is the answer. Find out what the girl fashion reference is and you can create a cake that fits her interest. Choose color of the cake with her favorite color or the latest trend. As most of Quinceanera cake, make the cake in multiple tiers, and place a very fancy handbag or a pair of trendy highheels that suits the girl style. You can create this fashion item using fondant. Add details to the cake with fashion brands and make the girl feels like she owns the world.



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