Easy Decorating Cakes with Fondant


Recently, decorating cakes with fondants is gaining popularity due to its smoothness and flexibility to be molded. Compare to its counterpart, the butter cream icing fondant icing is easier to work with. Here are the basic things needed to be known in decorating cakes with fondants.

Making the Fondants

There are two types of fondants, the poured fondants and the rolled fondants. These two types of fondants are different in terms of how to make it. Poured fondant is simply made of sugar and water. The two ingredients then cooked until they are thick enough to be made into balls of candies. It needs to be stirred or beaten to get the opaque and thick consistency. Meanwhile, rolled fondant has more ingredients to it. To make rolled fondant we need gelatin to stiff it up, powdered sugar, glycerin and glucose syrup or corn syrup. Cook the gelatin along with water, glycerin and syrup, and then add the mixture to the powdered sugar until they form some sort of play dough look alike.

Coloring the Fondants

In decorating cakes with fondants, a basic white fondant is not appealing enough. This ready-to-be-used fondant dough can be easily modified with some food coloring. Since the basic color of the dough is white, it is always easy to choose any kind of color to work with. All you have to do is ticking some dots of liquid food coloring on to the dough. The more the dots, the darker the color would be. After ticking enough dots of food coloring, knead the dough until all the color distribute and blended evenly.  To preserve the color, make sure to put the fondant in a cold storage and away from the sunlight. Note also that too much food coloring may cause bitterness to the fondant.

Decorating the Cake with Fondants

Rolled fondant is so easy to work with. To start decorating the cake, we need to cover the whole cake with a layer of fondant. To cover the cake, start by rolled the fondant dough into a thin layer and then gently put the fondants on the top of the cake that has been covered with butter cream. Adjust the fondant and smooth it up using knife. Trim the hem of the fondant so it will look neat and pretty. After that we can begin decorating cakes with fondants. We can use mold or even cut out our own shape to add decoration.







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