5th Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Delicious Edible Decoration for Cakes

Using plastic or clay or any inedible items as cake decoration sometimes can be unappealing. It can also be such a waste. Why use artificial decoration if you can make use of the edible ones? There are so many ways to make edible decorations for cake. Butter cream, chocolate, and fruits are the popular types of edible decorations for cake. They are easy to work with and pretty at the same time.

Butter Cream Icing

Butter cream is a classic edible decorations for cake. By mixing sugar and unsalted butter and beating them together until stiff, we can have a nice decoration. Butter cream also can be colored and flavored which an advantage. However, it requires quite a skill to make a good decoration. Butter cream is so soft and easy to get messed up. You can use butter cream icing to draw pictures and write letters. Unlike chocolate, butter cream icing will not cool easily which makes it easier to mix different colors of icing. You can also add various kinds of nuts as topping. It will give nice crispy flavor to neutralize the sweetness of the butter cream.

Chocolate Lover

Nothing can go wrong with chocolate. There are so many choices of chocolate you can use to decorate a cake. As edible decorations for cake, chocolate is safe and tasty. Who can resist the appeal of glistening dark chocolate on top of delicious cake? If you want it to have brighter cake, use the white chocolate. White chocolate is easy to be colored and added flavor due to its subtle taste. To add color and flavor you can use food coloring that available on the market. They are easy to work with and cheap too. If you want to write something on the cake, you can use decorating bag and a narrow round-tipped pipe to write on top of the cake. Make sure to store the cake away from sunlight because chocolate is easy to melt.

Tutty Fruity

Another great choice is to use fruit as edible decorations for cake. Fruits have various color and flavor. They are healthy too. It is definitely something to be served for the family. Strawberry, peach, kiwi and orange are the most popular choice in decorating cake. First of all, make sure the cake is covered with butter cream neatly and nice. After that we can arrange the fruits on top of the cake and spread some preserves to maintain the freshness of the fruit. It also gives a beautiful glow.


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