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Cake Decoration Ideas Tools

Decorating cakes has been a new industry that is blooming recently. Stay at home mothers can learn to decorate and prepare cakes to make it as an extra job for them. To be able to decorate a nice cake, you will need the perfect tools and equipments. Here are the cake decoration ideas tools you must have in your kitchen.

Rolling Pin

You will need this tool if you want to work with fondant. Get a 20” French style rolling pin that has no handles is perfect to roll out fondant. All you have to do is dusting the surface of the rolling pin with confectioner sugar or cornstarch then roll it over the fondant. This is one powerful cake decoration ideas tools you don’t want to miss.

Palette Knife

This tool is also called offset spatula. This is the most important cake decoration ideas tools because it is used to spread the icing or frosting on to the cake. Without this tool, it will be difficult to decorate a cake. By using palette knife, you can have a smooth finish that look wonderful. To be able to decorate well, you will need at least two knives in different sizes like a 6″straight knife palette and an 8″ offset one.

Pastry bags

Pastry bags or piping bags sold in various sizes and different materials. It also comes in disposable or reusable bag. Some of the known materials used as pastry bags are plastic, polyester, polyurethane-coated nylon, or silicone. Use 10 inches and 16 inches bags to work with stiff icing easily.

Decorating Tips

Decorating tips is also a crucial cake decorating ideas tools. Without this tool, you cannot work to decorate your cake. The standard types of tips are the round tips, closed star tips, open star tips, leaf tips and petal tips. These are types of tip are perfect for most cake decorating projects. There are also more advanced types of tips that can be used in cake decorating such as a basket weave tip, a multi opening tip, a ruffle tip and a drop flower tip.


A professional patisserie usually has this item on his kitchen. While it is not really necessary for at home projects, this tool can be very useful because it will make the job easier. With this turntable, you can slowly rotate the cake in order to create a smooth decoration that requires a continuous flow of icing such as vines or lines.


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