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Best Cake Decorating Ideas for Baby Shower


A baby shower party usually thrown to celebrate expecting woman. It honors the ability of a woman to generate a totally new life. To make the party memorable, we can personalize the cake that the mom-to-be and her guests will love. Here are some of cake decorating ideas for baby shower.

Baby’s Quilt

Quilt has been long associated with warmth of a home and babies love it and this can make a great cake decorating ideas for baby shower. To make a baby’s quilt cake, start off by making a square plain white basic vanilla cake. Use fondant or butter cream to cover the cake. Take the measurement of the top of the cake and decide the size of the squares you will need for your quilt. After that choose the colors you want to use for the fondant or butter cream. Traditionally pastel colors work well for a baby shower. Arrange the color by alternating squares of pink, light blue, soft yellow and light green. Serving as a border, use white or black fondant or butter cream. To make it more personalized, add letters or name initials on to the square.

It’s A Boy!/Girl! Cake

If you already know the gender of the baby, you can use that as cake decorating ideas for baby shower. Design a cake that suitable according to the gender. For a baby boy, make a standard cake covered with blue icing. Add more decoration such as a blue ribbon, toys such as balls or cars. On the top of the cake you can add non edible decoration such as baby shoes statue or baseball cap.

As for a baby girl, cover the cake with pink icing. Add a pink ribbon on the cake and decorate the top with things usually associated with girls, such as dolls or flowers. Decorate the top of the cake with non edible decoration like girl baby shoes or ribbons.


Baby shower means there will be a lot of gifts. Another cake decorating ideas for baby shower is to make a gift cake. Instead of made of box, the gifts will be made out of cakes. Prepare few layers of square cakes and arrange them so the dimensions are close to a cube. Cover all of the cake except the bottom with fondant in the color of your choice. Add ribbons that also made from a cut out fondant strips.  To make the cake looks like a real gift box, cut out some shapes from a various colored fondant and place them on the surface of the cake, creating a assorted gift wrapper. Write a message in a square piece of white fondant and use it as a greeting card. Stick the card on the top of the cake.








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