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Cake decorating ideas for winter


It’s winter, it’s that snowy time of the year again! Winter also a great season where people love to spend with family or friends. And what’s the best thing to bring during friends or family gathering? Yup, Cake! The cake is a great snack to, everyone can enjoy together. There are several aspect people usually consider when they are buying cake, that is the decorations, the taste and the price of course. As for the decorations, cake decorations have been very variative and unique lately that many people choose the decorations over the taste. This time we will line up some Cake decorating ideas for winter. Check this out.

Christmas Three cake decorations

What else suited winter other than Christmas? Most family and friends gathering happen during Christmas, it’s a great time to spend time with people you love the most. Also, Christmas is a perfect occasions for cake! As for the decorations, why don’t you make the most of your Christmas cake? Yes, brings the Christmas tree to your Christmas cake! It’s a great idea for Cake Decorating Ideas for winter. Use green icing sugar to make the Christmas tree. But if you like white Christmas three that’s a good idea too, in fact, it will look prettier, especially if you add some silver edible ornaments on them.

Winter is Coming!

The nerdy theme also great for Cake decorating ideas for winter? You can make your nerdiest loved one a cake too. It’s a trend that’s quite popular lately, making cake decorations based on popular movie or books. Talking about that the famous TV series ‘Game of Throne’ probably suited this theme, make a Stark family cake with complete with their wolf and their famous quote ‘Winter is coming’. Or if you want to bring it to the next step, you can make the whole Winterfell above your cake.

Igloo cake decorations

Next idea of Cake decorating ideas for winter What else suited winter other than snow? And what else remind you of snow other than the artist? Now it’s also a great idea to make little igloos above your winter cake as your cake decorations. Or even better, make an igloo cake! The idea is to make a half ball shaped cake and half doughnut cake and put the half doughnut cake in front of the half ball cake, this should be the base. Then cover it with pale blue butter cream, not done, next grab white icing sugar and cut them into tiny pieces. Use this tiny piece of icing sugar to cover the igloo, don’t cover the whole cake, let some of the butter cream show up. There you have it, you tiny igloo cake. If you want, you can also add Inuit people or penguin for decorations.





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