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Cake Decorating Ideas for Summer

Summer is a great season! Summer is the season of beach, summer is the season of pool and for student summer is the season of holiday! Because of that we have so many gatherings during the summer, and bringing a cake is a great idea for a summer gathering. Today we will talk about Cake decorating ideas for summer that will perfect for any gatherings you’ll have. There are a lot of Cake decorating ideas for summer but we will line up some of the best ideas.

Under the sea Cake

The first Cake decorating ideas for summer is under the sea cake. Because what else suited summer other that shore? Now you probably don’t have much time to dive into the sea, but don’t worry your cake can. Cover your cake using blue icing sugar and decorate the cake with fishes, octopus, coral, seaweed and many other sea creatures all using icing sugar. If you want, you can also add a small island on top of your cake, complete with the coconut tree.

Campfire cake

Our next Cake decorating ideas for summer is campfire cake, other than beaches and sea, summer camp also related to summer. And summer camp means scary story around the campfire! But if this year you don’t have the time to visit summer camp or you don’t have time to have campfire at all, then this share your scary stories around the campfire cake with your friends. The best part of it, it’s edible! So basically you cover the whole cake with chocolate cream and use wafer stick as the firewood. As for the fire you can make them from orange icing sugar, if you want to make it cuter add eyes on them.

Beach cake

Of course, Beach definitely relates to summer, so making a beach cake for summer gathering is a great Cake decorating ideas for summer. As for the beach cake you will need to cover half of your cake with sandy brown butter cream and blue icing sugar for the other half, this will make your cake look like a shoe. As for the other decorations you can add a beach cushion lounge, and coconut trees and also umbrellas for the sandyparts. In the sea, you can add swimming tire and some wave, also if you want to make it more terrifying you can add shark fins too.

This is only a few ideas for Cake decorating ideas for summer, there are still many ideas out there. Find out what you really want, and happy summer for you all!

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