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Cake Decorating Ideas for Fall



The season’s decorating cake is a great idea to welcome new seasons, and today we will talk about Cake decorating ideas for fall. Fall is a wonderfulseason, it is where the world around you change their colors to red, brown and it’s really beautiful. Fall is also identic with Halloween! And what else suited Halloween with sweets? Now, today we will try to line up some Cake decorating ideas for fall for you. There are quite plenty of Cake decorating ideas for fall, check it out.

Leaves wedding cake decorations

Most people think that wedding is suited to spring, also it has come in white with flower decorations and brighter pastel colors. But, if your wedding has to be celebrated in the fall, then there is nothing wrong with having an autumn theme in your wedding cake. Forexample, you can decorate them with falling leaves, they’re very beautiful and dramatic for decorations. You can either have them gather at the corner of each section or you can have them stick flat to your cake, both are great Cake decorating ideas for fall.

Pumpkin cake decorations

What else suited fall either than pumpkin? Yes, pumpkin is really great Cake decorating ideas for fall. Instead of having regular shaped cake, make pumpkin shape! They’re perfect for birthday, Halloween, or any other gathering during the fall. You can add some decorating, falling leaves to make them more dramatic, but if you want to make them a little bit spookier for Halloween, for example, then you can add crows or scarecrow on it.

Haunted House cake decorations

Beside its dramatic scenery and the falling leaves, fall also identical with Halloween which is in October. So, having a dilemma in making cakes for Halloween, then try to make a haunted house cake decoration! You can have two levels cake, and cover them with gray and a is little bit white butter cream, or you can have them cover with icing sugar. Choose gray or other dark color to bring out the spooky theme. Then on the top decorate them with old haunted house, you can either make them by yourself or you can find it at the cake decoration’s store. For the other decoration you can add some pumpkins on the house, yard, some ghost or several tombs around the cake. These should bring out the Halloween atmosphere.

Those are some Cake decorating ideas for fall, there are still plenty of ideas out there. What are your Cake decorating ideas for fall?





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