Cake decorating ideas for engagement party

Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate your engagement. It is also a good opportunity to get both families together and know each other better. To have an engagement party it means you have to have engagement cake to spice up your party. Here some cake decorating ideas for engagement party.



Simple and Elegant

This simple cake decorating ideas for engagement party is suitable for you who don’t fancy an extravagant and flashy cake. You can decorate a standard sheet cakes using fondant or icing and add some flowers or vines. Write down a simple message or romantic sentiments on the top of the cake with the couple’s names to make it even more personal. Use white or a pastel colored icing and combine it with contrasting color icing to write the couple’s names. Use a neutral color fondant to cover the cake so it will look very pretty and soft.


Heart Cake

One of the most popular cake decorating ideas for engagement party is the heart shaped cake. You can either make a three-dimensional heart cake or draw a big heart on the cake. If you choose to have the three-dimensional heart, you can use heart shaped pans to bake the cake. Rolled out pink fondant to cover the cake or just spread pink butter cream icing on the cake. You can write the names of the couple either on the sides of the cake or the top of the cake. You can also add accessories like cupid statue or two swans tangled with each other on the top of the cake. If you want it to be cute and fun, you can also add red heart sprinkles all around the cake.


Engagement Ring Cake

The latest trend for engagement party cake is the engagement ring cake. This cake decorating ideas for engagement party is pretty new and sophisticated. The idea is to replicate the engagement ring along with the ring box.  You can use any shape of cake but the most popular one is the square cake. Change the cake into a ring box by cut the cake into a rounded rectangle shape. Add icing and cover the cake with fondant. The use of fondant here will make the cake look like rich velvet. To make the ring, use rolled fondant or gum paste. Knead the fondant or gum paste into a circle. You can choose any color you want depend on the color of the ring. For a metallic touch, spray it with edible luster spray. Add an edible diamond made out of hard candy on the top of the ring.


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