25+ Birthday Cakes Fails, Show This to your Cake Decorator!

These cake decorators are just being too literal while doing their work decorating birthday cakes. OMG 😆

*LOL-ed and facepalm at the same time*

Not trying to be like Cake Wrecks tho.

1. Yeah, they definitely wanted a CAT on the grad’s head. Not a cap:

supposed to be graduation cap there :'(
supposed to be graduation cap there :'(

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2. When they said “Here’s the image for the cake!” I’m not sure this is what they meant:

lol what are the cake decorators doing
lol what are the cake decorators doing

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3. At least Josh’ll know who his real friends are:

"Happy Birthday Dick. Ha Ha Ha... Don't Write That, His name is JOSH"
“Happy Birthday Dick. Ha Ha Ha… Don’t Write That, His name is JOSH”

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4. Ana will never forgive this punctuation:

"Happy Birthday Anal" REALLY???
“Happy Birthday Anal”

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5. They wrote this twice and still didn’t realize:

"Happy Birthday On Both"
“Happy Birthday On Both”

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6. This was probably harder than drawing five rings:

("Olympics Rings") OH GOD NO
(“Olympics Rings”)


7. Every single part of this is wrong:

"congration you done it"
“congration you done it”

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8. That’s one way to make a Star Wars cake:

"Happy Birthday Frank Star Wars"
“Happy Birthday Frank Star Wars”

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9. Curt won’t like this one bit:

Looks like "Happy Birthday Cunt! Love, Lola Fely"
Looks like “Happy Birthday Cunt! Love, Lola Fely”

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10. “Under Neat That”:

"Best Wishes Suyanne Under Neat that We will Miss you"
“Best Wishes Suyanne Under Neat that We will Miss you”

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11. “Congratulations” is kind of a long word:

"Congratulations Three Times"
“Congratulations Three Times”


12. Remember, it’s Sheri, not Sherry:

"Happy Birthday Sheri with an eye!"
“Happy Birthday Sheri with an eye!”

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13. “Adam With Blue Flowers” is the name of my band:

"Happy Birthday Adam with Blue Flowers"
“Happy Birthday Adam with Blue Flowers”

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14. Definitely not what she meant:

"Good luck Ben in all your adventures. Put the State of Texas on it for her."
“Good luck Ben in all your adventures. Put the State of Texas on it for her.”

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15. Hmm:

"Welcome Baby in Pink" well technically yes, but no!!!!
“Welcome Baby in Pink” well technically yes, but no!!!!


16. You know that ol’ birthday expression:

"30 with stars and sprinkles around it!"
“30 with stars and sprinkles around it!”

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17. This feels borderline unsupportive:

"Congratulation(s) as small as possible"
“Congratulation(s) as small as possible”

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18. Parentheses and all:

"Happy birthday Calvin (green)"
“Happy birthday Calvin (green)”


19. Technically he did put a number one on it:


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20. Love that 2007 slang:

"Class of 2007 rocks! Fireworks explosion."
“Class of 2007 rocks! Fireworks explosion.”


21. But we haven’t even been on one date:

"Marry Christmos"
“Marry Christmos”


22. No just no:

"Happy birthday just happy birthday"
“Happy birthday just happy birthday”

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23. Almost:

"Just write Happy Almost Birthday Erin!"
“Just write Happy Almost Birthday Erin!”


For my wedding, I got a simple wedding cake. All I asked for was our initials in light pink. They put my husband’s first initial (S), married initial (E), my first initial (K)…except my K looked more like an X…and it was written in hot pink. My wedding cake said “SEX” in hot pink frosting.

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When I graduated college I asked my parents to get me a cake wreck. I got a cake that said, “Conrats Ellen with sprinkles.”

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One time my friend ordered a cake saying “turn up” and she wrote turnip. We all thought it was adorable because apparently an older lady did it.

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Reminds me of when I invited an Ethiopian friend to celebrate the Jewish holiday Sukkot with us. She went to the finest bakery on the North Shore and ordered an amazing cake for the holiday. Maybe they mistook her heavily accented English as poor because instead of saying ‘Happy Sukkot’ as she ordered she was embarrassed when I opend the box that it said ‘Happy Birthday Sukkot!’ I laughed hysterically and told her how much I loved it and how unforgettable it was and that the bakery was such an excellent choice.

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